Supergenerous vs TaxGift Comparison

Claiming tax credits for charitable donations is something not many get around to. In fact, nearly $1 billion has gone unclaimed in New Zealand alone over the past four years. The great news is there are now innovative platforms available to help you avoid the hassle of saving your receipts and processing your claims each year.

This page compares two of the major donation rebate platforms in New Zealand – Supergenerous and TaxGift – to help you choose the platform that’s right for you.

  Supergenerous TaxGift
Allows you to regift your donation rebates
10% + GST fee on donation rebates received
Allows you to keep your donation rebates  
Can claim on any donations (charities, schools & religious organisations)  
Sign up directly through the platform  
One platform to manage all your donations  
Can gather donation receipts from non-partner charities  
Opt in via an individual charitable organisation  
Opt in via Givealittle  
Opt in via Kindo


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