Claiming Tax Credits For Donations With Supergenerous vs. IRD

One of the main questions we hear from people is “How does Supergenerous differ from the IRD claiming process?”

‍Funnily enough, it was a similar question that we asked ourselves two years ago that led to the creation of Supergenerous: “Why are people not claiming their donation rebates through the IRD?”. 

For some people, claiming through the IRD may be a great solution! But if you’re curious about how we help, here are the main differences about what we offer our users:

We gather your receipts

Supergenerous will gather all of your receipts for the past four years (the period we can claim for) so you don’t have to go searching. Our relationships with the charitable organisations you donate to allow us to retrieve these receipts on your behalf. Just tell us the charities you gave to and we’ll do the rest. 

Supergenerous works best for generous individuals who, instead of spending their time filing and saving receipts from the past four years, would rather use their time to amplify the impact their original donation made.

We digitise your receipts

Supergenerous deals directly with the charities you give to, get the digital copies on your behalf and store them securely on your account. No need to spend your lunch time using the office scanner.

If claiming with the IRD yourself, you'll need to scan your hard copy receipts to your computer, so if you prefer sitting back and letting us do that part, Supergenerous is right for you.

We lodge your receipts

Supergenerous lodges your receipts with the IRD so you can spend more time doing good in the community rather than manually processing your donations online.

To claim a donation rebate with the IRD, you'll be required to upload and manually enter the details for each tax receipt one by one as you receive them throughout the year. If you'd prefer this to be automated by Supergenerous, then our service will work for you.

We re-gift your receipts

Supergenerous exists to supercharge the impact of human generosity. This means when you sign up, you can choose to re-gift your donation rebates to the charities you support. This gift then becomes another donation which you can claim a rebate on the year after, creating a compounding effect over time. Want to keep your donation rebates this year? No worries, you can do that too.

We take care of the process next year, and the next year, and the year after that…

One of the biggest benefits of using Supergenerous is we take care of your donation rebates for as long as you want us to. Just let us know if the charities you give to have changed and we’ll manage everything we outlined above for the rest of time.

At Supergenerous, we take the pain out of the process. No need to talk to our friends at the IRD every time you donate. Stick with us and we'll make sure you're sorted for years to come.

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