Hnry + Supergenerous: making tax easier for Kiwis!

Hnry + Supergenerous

HNRY Partnership (Blog Banner)Hnry is a service for self-employed contractors and freelancers, providing invoicing, tax and insurance services, along with compliance so gig workers of the world can get on with doing what they are specialists in. 

We're big fans of Hnry over here at Supergenerous, and they love our work in helping New Zealanders amplify their generosity. With their tagline 'Never think about tax again', we reckon we've got heaps in common. The research tells us most people want to give, but aren't always organised enough - so it’s awesome that Hnry users can choose to automatically allocate a percentage of their pay to charity through the Hnry app by simply logging into their account, and setting up a new allocation. 

For Hnry’s freelance and contract users, this means it’s easy to be generous by accessing and spending those funds on causes they truly believe in, and equally as easy to supercharge those donations - regifting up to 33% of the amount back to those causes by signing up with Supergenerous. Generosity pre-planned and amplified. Beautiful.

If you're a self-employed contractor or freelancer and want to check out Hnry's service, their website is here:


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