How To Give Smarter

How to give smarter

With so many different causes vying for our attention, it can be difficult to know how to best spend your money. Some of us have charities we give to every month, whereas others prefer to give spontaneously when the opportunity presents itself. Unsure of how you’d like to give? At Supergenerous we work and partner with a variety of innovative nonprofits that make giving smarter easier. So, we've compiled some of the best options in Aotearoa that can help us Kiwi’s make our dollars go further.

Find charities you want to give to

We’ve all been there at some point in our giving journey - you know what causes you care about but don’t know where to start. There are so many worthy charities out there, it can be overwhelming to find the ones that truly resonate with you and your values. Thankfully this giving conundrum has been addressed by two incredible young Kiwis - Stephen Johnson and Alice Marsh at Chive.

The pair created Chive after realising how difficult it is for keen donors to find charities online and for charities themselves to share their incredible stories. The team launched a digital marketplace that allows donors to search for charities by answering the question ‘I care about’ or filtering charities by type, drilling down to specifics like Period Poverty, Food Waste or Life Skills. This is a great option for digital natives who want to find, learn about and donate to charities in one easy location. With a mission ‘to make giving easy, empowering and effective’, we’re excited to see Chive’s impact continue to grow.

Check our their website

Support grassroots charities through crowdfunding

Feel like you’d rather get up close and personal with charities before committing your money? Then attending a 10x10 Philanthropy event could be a great move. Established in Sydney in 2013 and entirely run by volunteers, 10x10 hosts live crowdfunding events where you hear directly from grassroots charities and the cost of your ticket is donated to the causes you connect with on the night. The movement has taken off across the world, with over 13 cities now running events and collectively raising $3.8million for charities.

The amazing New Zealand team and volunteers are now onto their fourth event, with the next planned for the end of this year. Members of Team Supergenerous attended the last event, featuring the incredible Kindness Collective Foundation, Woven Earth and Auckland Women’s Centre. The stories from each charity representative moved us all and led to not only thousands of dollars in donations for the charities, but volunteers offering up their skills and professional connections to help them. You won’t regret being a part of this unique experience and you’ll be glad to see your ticket price donated to the charity/s of your choice.

If you’re interested in getting along to the next event or volunteering on a future committee, give their Facebook page a follow here for updates.

Donate 1% of your paycheck

When we talk to people about why they’re reluctant to give to charity, two key concerns are they don’t know who to give to or what difference they are making. Our amazing friends at One Percent Collective are a charity that solves this problem, asking you to imagine the good just 1% of your paycheck could do and help you put it to use through their platform. 

Select the charities you’d like to give to, how much you’d like to give overall and they split your money evenly across any of the 14 charity partners you choose. These charities have all been vetted, are Aotearoa-based and have a proven impact on the community, so you know your money is going to the right place.

One Percent Collective also sends you stories about the impact your donations are making, which helps to bring your dollars to life. When we’re not in lockdown, they organise awesome events where you can hear from the people running the charities you are giving to as well. What’s not to love? 

To top it all off, they are completely free to use which means every dollar goes to the charities you select. How do they do this you ask? Through the help of awesome corporate sponsors and cool humans volunteering to keep things up and running. As one of our original Superpartners, they are one of our favourite teams to work with and we highly recommend you check them out.

Find out more about donating your 1%

Invest in a Community Foundation

You may have heard about investing through platforms like Sharesies or Hatch, but did you know you can also invest donations and help them have a larger impact? This is where Community Foundations of NZ comes in - using a local, independent and not-for-profit philanthropy model.

Your donation to a Community Foundation becomes perpetual because the money is invested and grown over time. The ongoing income earned on your donation goes to  local causes in your community you care about. Because the money is invested rather than a flat donation, it’s a longer lasting gift which can continue to meet the needs of your community for many generations to come.

Supported by The Tindall Foundation, Philanthropy New Zealand and Craigs Investment Partners, there are 17 Community Foundations across both the North and South Island that you can connect with. We particularly recommend them if you have a larger sum of money you’d like to donate or are wanting to give through your will later in life.

Find a Community Foundation in your local area

Regifting rebates

Did you know that when you donate $5 or more to a registered charity, school or religious organisation in New Zealand that you could be eligible for a tax rebate? And that nearly $250 million goes unclaimed every year? This is why the team at Supergenerous (that’s us!) exist - to help every donation go a little bit further.

Simply create an account and we do the rest - gathering your receipts, digitising them if needed, lodging them with the IRD and managing your claim and re-gifting them to charity. Imagine the good all that money could do in our communities? Better yet, we also manage the process for you every year so you can tick it off your to do list for good.

So if you’re interested in giving more to the causes you care about, without reaching for more money from your wallet, you can sign up here and help supercharge the impact of human generosity in Aotearoa.

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